Wellness Employee Roles

The Wellness Coalition now has two employees. Each is part-time.

Three further part-time posts are being advertised.

We also have a roster of occasional helpers who can be paid for their assistance at specific events, for example to DJ for a teen dance, or when chaperones are needed, etc.

The employees all attend meetings of the Block island Wellness Coalition, and work with the Directors of the Coalition.

Wellness Coordinator [Jill Seppa]

~maintain all state and federal mandated data entry, cli-r, impact, pbps

~attend monthly state meetings

~establish program plan, strategic plan and needs assessment

~implement strategic plan and program plan

~coalition building

~managing branding, advertising

~create and monitor budget

~supervise Activities Coordinator and Wellness Aide

Activities Coordinator: vacant

~identify gaps in schedule and propose activities for all age groups on Block Island, especially Friday afternoons, Saturday mornings, Sunday afternoons and over vacations

~organize events and activities with direction of Coordinator

~attend trainings and monthly meetings

~supplemental input to the Wellness Coalition Facebook, Instagram & Website

~maintain monthly meeting minutes, assist in meeting preparation and other administrative duties

Grant Supervisor Assistant: [Kathy Mulshine]

~assist in planning extracurricular activities for all age groups on Block Island

~attend trainings and monthly Wellness Coalition meetings, chaperone events

~submit press releases and work on branding subcommittee

~networking and coalition building with key community stakeholders